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3108, 2019

Benefits Of Amazon Ses #authornewsletter #amazonses #authorssavemoney

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If you’re an author, I’m sure by now you’ve heard the #1 advice to grow a mailing list. A mailing list is golden and is one of the best ways to sell your ebooks. When you have an engaged audience, the possibilities are endless and rewarding for your career.


Let’s backtrack, what is a Mailing List?

A mailing list is a list of emails that you have collected from your website or gained from a newsletter builder. When you have a new book or something exciting to talk about, you can send your subscribers a campaign.


Benefits Of Amazon Ses

For starters, AWS is one of the best ways to save money. You can send unlimited emails for only $0.10 per every 1,000 emails but even better, the first 62,000 emails you send each month is free. In all honesty, how can you beat that pricing? 

AWS automatically blocks the emails which have malicious and spam contents and they collect statistics of successful deliveries, rejected messages, bounces, and complaints. Real-time statistics are available in your AWS console.

Now, connect AWS with LunaCampaign and you’ve two amazing systems working together.


What is LunaCampaign?

LunaCampaign is a new newsletter service, providing affordable ways for authors to grow their mailing lists.

Benefits Of LunaCampaign

1. Unlimited Everything
Once your account is set up, you get unlimited everything. Email lists, subscribers, campaigns, and stats.
2. Detailed Reports
Each campaign will produce very detailed reports, see who opened or clicked your campaigns, how many times and from what location and device.
2. Integration API
Our system works great with ConvertPlus if you’re using WordPress. If you are not using WordPress we have a script that you can embed on your site.
Overall, LunaCampaign wants to help authors save money! 
Join us today, and grow massive newsletters without breaking the bank account. 

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