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407, 2019

The importance of having an author website

July 4th, 2019|Tags: , , , , |0 Comments

A website is usually overlooked by a lot of authors, which is a shame because a beautiful website design can keep your fans or potential fans browsing your website. If they’re browsing your website they are looking at your books and or reading your blog. They are intrigued and they can’t wait to learn about you.

A bad web design or outdated, will have your fans not wanting to browse your website, and reading all your exclusive deleted scenes and everything else you have to offer. Having no website at all is a crime against your author brand.

Your author brand matters, it’s honestly your best weapon because its all about you and your loyal fans can’t wait to find out about your writing goals/schedule. They want to devour your deleted/exclusive scenes. Your research ideas, and inspirations. You can even sell your books on your website, start your very own membership site and the ideas/options are endless.

Your website is personalized for you and your many books. It’s your very own spot on the world wide web where its 100% yours, and readers automatically want a website to find it all. Its a one-stop-shop in a reader’s mind.

You can have your fans subscribe to your blog, so they get an email every time you post to your blog. Its real-time connection and on top of that, whenever you post to your blog there’s an option to mass share it to: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

Facebook and all other social media accounts can’t police your posts and decide what your fans see vs what they don’t. Relying on Facebook or any social media account for that matter, takes the power away from you. Facebook is notorious for glitching, don’t rely on them? Take back your power.

In fact, a website is one of the best places to grow an organic newsletter or to gain long term fans. All your social media accounts are listed on your website, its a one-stop-shop. Your fans deserve more than browsing endless posts, or various social media outlets searching to find that one book post.

To sum it all up, every author should have a website but we also understand that some authors may find it confusing and complicated when all they want to focus on is writing. You have to research the best host, and what kind of platform you want to build your website on. It’s a whole new world, and although it’s not too complicated, you want to keep it simple.

The Indie Ally recommends WordPress, because it’s easy to learn and has thousands of themes and ways you can customize the platform. Check them out and create your official author website.

If you want an author website but don’t want to create it yourself, The Indie Ally creates beautiful WordPress websites starting as low as $199. There is the option to have us Design it. Host it and Maintain it our behalf. That’s right, you will never have to lift a finger to keep your website updated. Feel free to check out our design packages here, and decide if you want us to work on your author website.

Ps. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a Facebook account or other social media accounts. What I’m saying is don’t put all your eggs into one basket. Facebook and other social media outlets are good in different ways and you can utilize them to help your career, however, its always good to have control. Your website gives you that control.

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